Mixed Case – Organic Apple & French Oak


Enjoy the best of both worlds!

3x Organic Apple – This cider is crafted from 33% Dabinett, 33% Yarlington Mill, 17% Kingston Black & 17% Sweet Coppin. The dominance of Bittersweet apples from this year’s harvest results in a relatively tannin-driven, dry cider with a fruity nose and beautiful golden colour.
3x French Oak bottles – A dry to medium cider with gentle carbonation achieved during bottle fermentation. Tannin driven components from the new French Oak compliments the bitter sweet apples used in this blend, leaving the palate refreshed and wanting that extra sip.
Bottle conditioned; store upright in the fridge and pour with a steady hand to avoid rousing natural sediment in the bottle.
3x Organic Apple and 3x French Oak bottles
7.0% and 6.2% alc/vol

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