Sweet Cider

  • 750ml bottles

    Spiced Cider

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    This wonderful winter warmer is a delicious concoction of Daylesford Cider, local honey and a blend of spices. Imagine Christmas bottled up!!
    During the summer months, we serve this over ice, and it has won the hearts of many on a warm day!

    A glass of Spiced Cider makes for a beautiful accompaniment to dessert, or heat it up and enjoy in front of a log fire to warm the belly and the soul.

    To heat, warm gently on the stove, avoiding boiling and serve with a cinnamon stick and slice of orange.

    8% abv

  • 330ml bottles

    Sweet Coppin

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    Named after one of the sweetest cider apples in the organic orchard, this full bodied cider is fruit driven and bold with delicious aromas of freshly picked apples.

    Once in the glass, it’s golden hues shine through and its refreshing fizz makes it dangerously easy to drink – good luck limiting yourself to just one!

    330ml bottle
    4.6% abv

  • 750ml bottles

    Watermelon Fizz

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    You just never know where the experiments in the cider shed will lead, and that is half the fun! Initially a very limited release to pop at our cellar-door over Summer, however we have been persuaded otherwise, and will keep this as a year-round staple!

    It’s floral nose, subtle watermelon notes, delicate bubble and pretty rose colour all shine through, with a medium finish that leaves your palate refreshed.

    750ml bottle
    4.3% abv

  • 330ml bottles

    Apple Mango Cider

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    Our new Apple Mango Cider is coming very soon, so keep an eye on our socials to see when this is hitting the shelves.
    t’s time to kick back, relax & soak up the summer with a cold can or two of this tropical blend of Daylesford Cider & fresh Aussie mangoes.
    This cider’s tight carbonation and refreshing finish certainly makes it all too easy to enjoy!
    Due to the nature of fresh fruit, please gently rouse the can before opening & serving.

    330ml can
    4.2% abv

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