traditional cider

  • 330ml bottles

    ‘arf ‘n ‘arf

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    Bronze Medal (82 points) at the 2021 Australian Cider Awards
    ‘arf ‘n ‘arf is a great example of one of our more traditional style craft ciders, foremost because it is un-carbonated and made in a similar manner to wine.  A very well rounded cider with great balance of astringency, fruitiness and acidity.
    A perfect accompaniment to a ploughman’s lunch or a decent cheese. 
    ‘arf ‘n ‘arf has received 4 Silver medals & 1 bronze in the traditional cider category at the Australian Cider Awards over the past 5 years, now that’s consistent! This is a traditional still cider (un-carbonated).

    330ml bottle
    5.2% abv

  • 330ml bottles

    Organic Wild Oaked

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    Gold Medal (96 points) at the 2021 Australian Cider Awards
    Best Traditional Cider (medium) Trophy at the 2021 Australian Cider Awards

    This cider was fermented using the naturally occurring yeast strains on the skin of the apple, then aged for a couple months with oak. This is our first organic cider that’s available in 330ml bottles.

    Expect a full bodied cider with good length & tannin structure enhanced by the oak characteristics. This cider finishes medium to dry and is an excellent accompaniment to food.


  • 330ml bottles

    Cloudy Farmhouse

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    A natural, unfiltered cider which has key characteristics of some of the traditionally made ciders we have enjoyed in the west country of England.

    Expect unique aromas & an earthy finish, achieved from a wild yeast ferment & ageing the cider on ‘lees’ for several months.
    As a result, there may be natural sediment in the bottle.

    330ml bottle
    5% abv

  • 750ml bottles

    Yarlington Mill

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    Bronze Medal (83 points) at the 2021 Australian Cider Awards
    2020 saw an abundance of Yarlington Mill apples, a bitter-sweet variety that is famous in the apple growing regions of Somerset & Devonshire.
    This is a medium-dry cider with soft, pleasant tannins and slight bitterness that you would expect from this apple. The stunning golden hues of this cider come from the skin colour of the apple, and really beckons to be poured into a champagne glass and enjoyed as an aperitivo before dinner.

    750ml bottle
    5% abv

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