Wild Oak


Gold Medal (96 points) at the 2021 Australian Cider Awards
Best Traditional Cider (medium) Trophy at the 2021 Australian Cider Awards

This cider was fermented using the naturally occurring yeast strains on the skin of the apple, then aged for a couple months with oak. This is our first organic cider that’s available in 330ml bottles.

Expect a full bodied cider with good length & tannin structure enhanced by the oak characteristics. This cider finishes medium to dry and is an excellent accompaniment to food.


330ml bottles are only available in multiples of 12. Build your pack here.

Named Wild Oak cider simply because this cider used wild yeast strains during fermentation, before being aged with oak. We can get into that in a bit, but first we want to tell you what this means for you, the cider drinker.
This cider is certainly on the drier side. It is also stronger in flavour – a combined result from the quality cider apples used, the unique characteristics created during the wild fermentation, but also the depth and complexity absorbed from the oak. The cider smells absolutely delicious and pours a beautiful golden orange into a glass. It truly is remarkable and exemplifies the diverse talents that our cider maker Mackie contributes to our business.

Lost on Wild Fermentation?
It refers to the use of naturally occurring wild yeast strains present on the apple skins to initiate the fermentation process. As opposed to using bought, commercial yeasts, which are specifically cultured strains. Instead, wild yeasts introduce a variety of microorganisms into the cider, often making it more complex and interesting.

Many cider enthusiasts appreciate wild-fermented ciders for their unique flavours and the connection they provide to traditional cider-making practices.
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  1. Kurt

    I like this much more than the other brands I’ve tried. Wish it came in a bigger bottle though.

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